Landing Pages Prepared to Convert

Since the beginning of Latinteractivo, we have put a lot of focus on what we call the “pre-click”. We specialize in creating, operating and optimizing search engine campaigns aimed at achieving more and better results for our customers (sales, registrations or other conversions). Then add other media such as Facebook, Ad-Networks, etc. replicating this same model.

Campaigns optimized by a real expert can yield surprising results, but there is a huge universe after the click that should not be ignored: the universe of the “post-click”, where the website must be prepared to receive the potential client and give him which you need and in the most optimal way possible.

Landing Pages play a key role in the post-click world when we want to derive traffic from an advertising campaign and require constant measurement, monitoring and optimization work to achieve the best possible results.

I want to share with you an infographic published in the blog KissMetrics that summarizes the most important points to consider when creating a Landing Page:

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