Dos and Don’ts of Using Social Media Platforms


When you detect a positive comment do not be ashamed to reply by thanking and copying (RT). You must make use of the posts or comments that favor the image of the company.

DO NOT generate too much information.

The information has to be relevant and fair. You should NOT post links to your latest press releases or promote articles written by the CEO too much to avoid generating contamination by the brand.


When someone expresses a problem with your competitor, ask a question about your vertical to take advantage of the opportunity to gain awareness of your brand.

DON’T be lenient on spelling and grammar.

It is recommended to write the complete words, do not use abbreviations, corroborate the score and avoid the emoticons to the maximum.


Make your profile informative, use your company logo or avatar to differentiate it. It is also essential that you have a clear and concise description of your company.

DO NOT use a too casual tone.

This will depend on the nature and size of the company but it is recommended that you keep your conversations in a funny tone but always under a professional line. It should never be lost sight of, which is a platform to disseminate relevant things to improve the relationship between the company and the consumer.


Seriously evaluate if your company should be on Twitter, not all companies belong to the ecosystem and many times it is unnecessary.

DO NOT let the conversations cool down.

If you are maintaining a dialogue directly, make sure it is immediately and do not allow too much time to answer.

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